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Domestic violence
or a couple’s quarrel

Violence or an argument?

Domestic violence isn’t a couple’s quarrel. Here are three criteria that will help you distinguish them more clearly by recognizing the characteristics of each.


Use of violent behaviour towards the other person, in various forms, so that she obeys him.

Violence is the means chosen to gain power. It is a premeditated act. The abuser uses strategies and pretexts to get their own way.

Violence persists over time and can be defined by a model, as it is cyclical and recurrent.


One partner wants power at all costs, and the other must submit to it. One of the partners feels the impact of the crisis. So there is a victim here. Helplessness and fear set in.


This is the manifestation of a disagreement between partners. The subject is an issue, not power, even though there may be a strong emotional load or displays of aggression. Each partner is trying to convince the other.

A problem that needs to be solved is the cause of, and not the pretext for, the conflict. The intention is clear: to convince the other. The issues are obvious for both partners. The situation is transparent.

The conflict is an occasion nal occurrence, even if the subject of the problem comes up again. It is not an issue that persists over time or occurs cyclically.


Freedom of action and spontaneity are possible on both sides. Each partner expresses themselves freely.

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