Shelter and service provider
for women and children who are
victims of domestic violence

Forms of
domestic violence

Physical abuse

When threats, shouting and sarcasm aren’t enough, the abuser turns to beating, brutality or physical coercion. He shakes his partner’s body, slaps her, crushes her hands, presses her against a wall, prevents her from moving. He may also confine her, tie her up, act as if he is going to strangle her, strike her with a stick or a blade, punch her in the face or breasts, or kick her in the stomach even though she is pregnant.

See some examples

“When I didn’t agree with him, he would slap me.”
“He has thrown a chair at me before.”
“He tried to strangle me.”
“He shouts at me with a knife in his hand.”
“He has kicked my dog before.”

Verbal abuse

Verbal abuse… can be heard! Raised voices, shouting, insults, slurs, threats and yelling are all manifestations of verbal abuse. Often, the abuser will raise their voice to intimidate their partner. Verbal abuse can also take the form of forbidding someone from doing something, blackmail or orders.

See some examples

“Damn madwoman!” 
“You’re so fat, you disgust me!”
“Go to work and you’ll see, you can’t keep a job for more than a month!”
“Move your ass!”
“My ex was better than you in the kitchen!”

Psychological abuse

Psychological abuse is a series of contemptuous attitudes and words that involve humiliating, denigrating, devaluing and controlling the other person. The abuser belittles their partner’s appearance, intellectual abilities or any other personality trait in order to put her down. He criticizes her lack of sexual talents. He complains about the way she brings up the children or cooks. In short, he denies the way that she lives her life and gives her a completely negative image of herself.

See some examples

“No one will want you.”
“You’ll never find a job. You’re too stupid.”
“It’s your fault again. You provoked me.”
“This is just what you deserve.”
“You aren’t even capable of looking after the kids.”
“You don’t know anything about Canada. You’re only here because of me. If you don’t listen to me, I’ll call immigration and have you sent back to your country.”

Financial abuse

Financial abuse is when the abuser forbids his partner from working or, on the other hand, forces them to work more than they can manage to benefit from a better family income. The abuser may also exert control over his partner’s choice of work, or even hamper their ability to pursue an education. Severely limiting expenses for food, clothing or leisure activities or refusing all access to financial resources are also some of the methods that could be used by the abuser.

See some examples

“Stop spending money, how much did you take for your clothes?”
“I’ll give you $40 for the groceries.” 
“The kids don’t need new toys!”
“You don’t need to know how much is in the bank account.”
“You don’t need to work. I give you everything!”

Sexual abuse

Often suffered in silence, sexual abuse occurs when the abuser forces his partner to have sexual relations with him, or even with other people. He brutalizes and insults her, and may force her to watch pornographic material and imitate scenes from the film.

See some examples

“Since you gave birth you don’t turn me on anymore, that’s why I watch porn.”
“Your friend, the blonde one, I could see her in my bed. Don’t get mad! It’s just a joke!”
“If you leave me, I’ll share naked photos of you on the internet.”

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