Shelter and service provider
for women and children who are
victims of domestic violence

Lina's Home


Lina’s Home is a shelter in Laval created to meet the needs of women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

The shelter is named after a woman called Lina who was a resident at the Maison l’Esther. After returning to her family home, Lina was murdered by her violent partner. It is in tribute to this strong and courageous woman that the Lina’s Home proudly bears her name.

Although the great adventure of establishing the Lina’s Home began with the Maison l’Esther team in 2004, our organization’s official birth certificate was issued on April 5, 2005. It was then in the fall of that same year that the founding general meeting took place, as well as the payment of the initial funding to the mission.

In the summer of 2006, the first social workers were hired and we moved to a small temporary house. A few months later, the first women and children were housed at the Lina’s Home. At that time, we could only accommodate 4 people at once.

Then, in fall 2008, we were fortunate enough to have the funding we needed to buy a larger house. We can now house 15 women and children. This was also when the team grew from 6 to 12 social workers.

In recent years, our resource has developed several collaborations and projects in Laval. Among the most significant, we collaborate with the two other Laval shelters and the Laval CAVAC to provide continuous domestic violence training for police patrollers in Laval.

The three shelters have also collectively launched a large project to raise awareness about psychological abuse. Promotional material for this campaign, “Vous n’êtes pas folle”, appeared in metro stations and on buses in Laval.

Our partnership with the Maison l’Esther also led to the translation of our intervention tools to make them accessible to immigrant women, as we have seen an increase in the number of women from other countries who need our help and whom we welcome to our shelter.

The Lina’s Home celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016. This anniversary was marked in particular by the project “Couloirs de la violence amoureuse”, in collaboration with several regional partners. Our youth workers went to several Laval schools to raise awareness among young people about intimate-partner violence in romantic relationships, as people of all ages experience this social issue.


Lina’s Home is a non-profit organization which, for social and political purposes, strives to:

  • Welcome, safely accommodate and support women and children who are victims of domestic violence;
  • Make them aware of their rights, and raise public awareness about the social issue of domestic violence;
  • Achieve these objectives in a broader perspective, aimed at fighting domestic violence mainly through a feminist and inclusive approach that promotes egalitarian relationships, awareness and autonomy for all women.


We strongly believe that women who are victims of domestic violence have the ability and the power to change their lives according to their own needs and interests.

We foster alliances with women and egalitarian relationships through respect, transparency and solidarity.

We are committed to defending the rights of women and children, as well as fighting injustice, because we consider domestic violence to be an unacceptable social issue.

Here are our values:


Respect requires recognition of the integrity, dignity and freedom of women. It means:

  • Respecting her right to be different.
  • Accepting that she is a unique individual who is capable of acting and thinking in her own way.
  • Taking into consideration her opinions, beliefs, culture, religion, life choices and sexual orientation in a mutual, non-judgmental manner.


Equality is about fostering the development of egalitarian relationships with and between women. This means:

  • Fighting inequalities between men and women.
  • Ensuring that they have the right, without discrimination, to social, economic, political, legal and cultural equality.
  • Ensuring that these rights are respected.


This is about putting everything in place to enable women’s self-determination. It means:

  • Promoting the development of women’s independence, creativity and freedom.
  • Recognizing their full potential to manage their lives and make decisions for themselves and their children.
  • Encouraging women to develop a broader view of socialization and its impact on their lives, by sharing with them our vision of the collective empowerment of women.

Social justice

Social justice is demonstrated as follows:

  • Believing in equal rights and collective solidarity.
  • Fighting together for women to have the right to quality services and a fair distribution of resources that meet their basic needs and improve their well-being.


If there is one firmly rooted value or concept, it is solidarity:

  • Fostering a bond of solidarity by developing a sense of shared responsibility and unity and a collective reclaiming of power through mutual support.
  • Mobilizing collectively.
  • Working together towards a common goal.

Work Team

Lina’s Home team is made up of a solid core of experienced and committed social workers. They have different educational and personal backgrounds. This diversity demonstrates the openness of Lina’s Home and its desire to offer services to women from various types of environments.

More specifically, the team includes:

  • A coordinator
  • An administrative assistant
  • Social workers for women
  • Youth social workers
  • Social workers for non-residents
  • On-call social workers

Our social workers also represent us with other community organizations in the city of Laval or in high schools during domestic violence prevention activities.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of seven women who are dedicated to the cause:

  • The coordinator
  • Two members representing the social workers
  • Two members representing women who have benefited from Lina’s Home services
  • Two members representing the community

Upon joining the board of directors, each director receives a file containing the administrative documents that will allow her to properly perform her role. In accordance with generally accepted procedures, the Board of Directors appoints a chairperson, a secretary and a treasurer to ensure the sound management of the organization. It should be noted that free training is also offered by municipal organizations for people who want to enhance their knowledge of various aspects inherent to the management of a non-profit organization.

To find out more about Lina’s Home activities, have a look at our organization’s different annual reports.