Shelter and service provider
for women and children who are
victims of domestic violence

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Lina’s Home is a non-profit organization. We obviously rely on a government subsidy, but this doesn’t cover all the needs of our organization. We organize fundraising activities, but we also need to appeal to the generosity of donors.

Online donations

As a non-profit organization, Lina’s Home relies heavily on the generosity of the community, private companies and foundations, to allow it to:

  • finance and undertake various projects,
  • carry out urgent work or
  • improve our residents’ daily lives.

Vous pouvez soutenir financièrement notre organisme de deux façons. You can support our organization financially in two ways. Either by donating through the secure online donation platform CanadaHelps or by ordering gift cards from the FundScrip platform. We want you to know that your support is greatly appreciated.

You can also donate your time to our cause. To do this, you can choose one of the following options:


For its different activities, Lina’s Home sometimes seeks partners who help our organization in its fundraising events through their products and services. To date, our residents have benefited from the generosity of companies such as:

  • Restaurants and catering services
  • Bakeries and pastry shops
  • Stores selling new clothing
  • Real estate brokers (private fundraising)

Contact us to find out how you can contribute to the well-being of those for whom we provide accommodation and support.


Do you want to give your time to our cause? If you have a specific talent that you want to put to good use within our organization, or if you’d instead like to help us with related tasks (grocery shopping, grounds maintenance, preparation of cooked meals, etc.), you could lend a hand on multiple occasions throughout the year.


Your membership status will allow you to actively participate in the AGM. Your involvement with our organization and for the feminist cause will demonstrate a commitment to building a more egalitarian society where people mobilize against violence towards women and children. On behalf of ourselves and of all those that we represent, we thank you in advance.

Member of the board of directors

You could be elected as a member of the Board of Directors after submitting your application at the Annual General Meeting. If this is the case, you will join the Board of Directors, which has seven members. You will then be required to participate in monthly board meetings and play an active role in the smooth running of the organization’s management activities. Upon your arrival, you will receive all the administrative documentation which will enable you to fully understand how the organization works and the roles of the various stakeholders. Your term will last for two years and will be renewable thereafter.