Shelter and service provider
for women and children who are
victims of domestic violence

Life at the shelter

A welcoming and comforting space

No one wants to leave their home due to domestic violence, but sometimes they have to for their own safety and that of their children. At Lina’s Home, you’ll receive a warm and compassionate welcome, and your stay will be focused on regaining power over your life.


Following the request for accommodation, you can arrive at the time that suits you best, whether it be during the day, in the evening or at night. You can also be accompanied by the police if necessary. As soon as you arrive, a social worker will welcome you, and you can take time to settle into your room.


A social worker is on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All our social workers have been trained in the principles of feminist intervention for domestic violence contexts. They will be there at any time to listen to you, advise you, guide you and support you in your next steps.


For your safety, Lina’s Home is equipped with an interactive video camera, so that only residents of the shelter and their children can enter. Furthermore, the social workers will never disclose the fact that you are a resident of the shelter, will refuse entry to your ex-partner (regardless of their reasons) and will not disclose any information to people in your family or your inner circle. So you are in safe hands.


Children receive the same benefits as their mothers. In addition, they have the opportunity to be supported and guided by youth workers. They are encouraged to verbalize their experiences through recreational activities adapted to their age. Measures are also taken to avoid disrupting their schooling.


Communal areas and rooms

Women and children housed in the shelter have access to communal areas (living rooms, kitchen, bathroom, etc.), in addition to having a private bedroom. Children also have their own bedroom. To meet the specific needs of families, where necessary, we are able to offer two adjoining rooms, for a maximum of two families.

Rules for communal living

To respect the privacy and lives of the other women and children residents, rules for communal living have been put in place. They will allow you and all the other residents to make the most of what the Maison de Lina has to offer.